What is Gina De Piero’s nude photo shoot? | Axios

Nude photos of Gina de Piero will be published online by Axios on Wednesday.

De Pieros body was covered with a condom when she went into the photo shoot with her friends at a New York City nightclub last year, but they were later told she’d been having an affair with a photographer.

She denied the affair, but then admitted it in an interview with Esquire magazine last year.

Her former boyfriends father, Mario De Pierot, was also photographed with De Pieroz at the club, but the relationship ended after he had an affair.

He denied the relationship was anything sexual and said that they just had an intimate moment.

De Paters has previously told The Associated Press that she didn’t know about the relationship until after the photos were taken.

The photos of her nude body are set to be published on Tuesday, August 8, in an article titled “Gina De Patres’ Nude Photo Shoot.”

De Patos photo shoot, which is being called a “sex tape,” was one of a number of events in the city in the days following the death of her boyfriend, Mario, on April 16.

Mario De Patricots death led to protests across the country, and De Patrois ex-husband, Mario de Pierot Sr., was also charged with murder.

He pleaded not guilty and has pleaded not innocent to a lesser charge of manslaughter.

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