How to be a little girl with a big brain

Little girls with big brains may not be able to keep up with the latest gadgets, but they do have a great way to learn.

They can even learn how to use the internet and social media.

These little girls can be trained to think critically and creatively by being taught how to think about their own experiences.

A study published in the journal Science suggests this could be the future of the world.

Little girls could become super smart by having to learn how things work Source: Alamy 3/10 A new species of fish is being developed by scientists in the US and scientists are trying to understand how they can influence one of the most popular species on the planet.

The scientists behind the fish are using stem cells from fish and algae to create an improved version of a common algae that lives in the guts of eels.

They hope the fish will one day be used to create fuel cells, to clean up oil spills and to grow artificial organs for transplantation.

The researchers behind the project are using mice as guinea pigs and hoping the fish can one day help in the development of an oil refinery Alamy 4/10 Scientists have created an enzyme that can break down sugar in the stomach of lab mice meaning that sugars will soon be more affordable and plentiful in the supermarkets.

The discovery could revolutionise the way we buy food and cut out the middleman as we approach a shortage of sugar that has been blamed for some of the nation’s ills, such as diabetes and obesity.

Scientists have been developing methods of breaking down sugar thought to affect the body’s ability to process sugarCOURTESY OF GEORGE BAKER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, UNITED STATES Of the nearly 100 million tonnes of sugar consumed in the United States each year, less than 5 per cent is actually sweetened with cane sugar.

That’s because it is still produced in large industrial sugarcane plantations, and as such remains largely unprocessed.

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine have now identified a way to make cane sugar more digestible, and therefore more accessible to the human body.

Their findings were published in Nature Biotechnology.

They believe the findings will have a profound impact on the global sugar market and on the lives of millions of people Getty 5/10 New technique could eliminate ‘dead zones’ that block sunlight from reaching the heart That sunburn that we all get can be a sign of a heart problem, but it could also be caused by a “dead zone” blocking the sun from reaching our vital organs, scientists have found.

A team from the Harvard School of Public Health used computer software to generate “digital elevation maps” of the heart muscle, the muscle that covers the lungs and the stomach, in real time, simulating the effects of outdoor sun exposure.

They found that, when a person’s heart rate is raised above 80 beats per minute for six seconds, the algorithm automatically generates three digital elevation maps, one for each of the five main coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart.

The areas that showed the biggest increase in elevation were those with the densest number of blood vessels, such to the right and left ventricles, which is linked to heart failure in the majority of people AP 6/10 ‘Personalised’ cancer drugs could save lives of thousands A drug that could revolutionize the fight against breast, bowel and colon cancer has been developed by researchers at Harvard University and Oxford University.

The drug, called JAK-27, could dramatically improve patients’ chances of living more than five years longer with minimal side effects.

JAK stands for Just-In-Time Anti-Recurrence Therapy, which was developed by the Broad Institute at Harvard Medical School and Oxford’s Oxford University School of Pharmacy.

It was originally developed to fight deadly childhood cancers like breast, ovarian and testicular cancer, and is now being investigated as a potential cure for many cancers including brain, lung, and skin.

Although it has long been known that small, isolated trials of JAK prevent recurrence of some cancers, such recurrence rates have been notoriously low, according to experts.

JASTRID-19, developed by Harvard researchers Alix Madani and Dariush Mozaffarian, could substantially extend such results by going to clinical trials early and often, allowing researchers to examine many different types of cancer early on.

They say that by doing so, they can potentially offer “penetrative clinical trials” of new drugs to “go to the clinic and see what works”, rather than having to prospectively compare two treatments in large trials, which are time-consuming, expensive and prone to bias.

7/10 The world’s first virtual reality headset will be available to buy The world is not yet ready for virtual reality, but a new headset that could allow people to feel as though they are actually there is already available, and it could change everything.

The Oculus Rift virtual reality head-mounted display or Oculus Rift CV1, is already being tried out in some locations, and

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