Amber Alerts for September 9, 2018 are over – it’s time to go on a hunt for the perfect darling

Amber Alerts are now back up and running for September.

With no sign of Amber Alert season on its way, the official Amber Alert site has been updated to show the number of calls and text messages it has received in the past 24 hours.

The site shows the Amber Alert message “Please note that there may be a slight delay in processing of calls or texts due to the high volume of new messages.

Please contact the police if you need assistance.”

The site also shows the number for the local police, the National Police, and the National Emergency Number.

And if you’re really fancy, it also shows you the current number of Amber alerts issued across the UK, the time the alerts were issued and the locations of those Amber alerts.

There are also a couple of other useful data points.

For instance, the number one Amber Alert in England and Wales is issued at 7:55pm and the number two is issued around 8:50pm.

This means that Amber alerts have been issued in the UK for approximately 8.2 hours on September 9.

If you are searching for the most adorable darlers on the planet, here are 10 darlingly adorable puppies from August 2017 that were spotted at a pet fair in London.

As you can see from the images above, these cute puppies were in good company at a London pet fair on September 6, 2017.

Amber Alert 2018 is here and here’s why you should definitely call the police now.

More Amber Alert news:

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