How to write a script with an all-female cast

Hollywood has a long history of supporting women in films and television.

But now, with the release of The Handmaid’s Tale and the rise of women-led shows like Veep, there’s a real sense of excitement for the future of women in Hollywood.

And there’s hope that with more women getting behind the camera, the future is looking bright.

The first female director in the history of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is coming to a theater near you: Hollywood’s first female directors are coming to Largo.

That’s right, the Academy announced the news this week that a slew of directors, including Jada Pinkett Smith, Joanne Froggatt and Emma Thompson, have been chosen to join the academy’s advisory board. 

As the head of the Directors Guild of America, Smith is the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar.

Smith has also received the Academy’s most prestigious honorary doctorate, the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

The honor is given to women whose work has “initiated the cultural revolution of the arts and culture.”

The first woman director to receive the Cecil is Mia Farrow, who won the award in 1984.

The Academy has been celebrating the achievements of female directors for decades.

It also announced that its board of directors will nominate four more directors this year for the honorary doctorates.

Smith is the author of the novel The Handmaiden, which follows a young woman who returns from her exile in North America to a new world.

She has been nominated for six Oscars, including the best novel and the best drama actress award for her work on The Americans.

Froggatt, who is based in Los Angeles, is best known for her roles in the acclaimed series Orange Is the New Black and the Netflix drama The OA.

She also directed The Night Manager, a series starring Jessica Chastain, and has recently begun shooting The HandMaiden.

Thompson, who has directed for Showtime, HBO, Amazon and Netflix, has been hailed for her unique take on a genre that has traditionally been dominated by men.

She is also the creator of the hit NBC comedy series The Mindy Project and has directed films including A Beautiful Mind, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Love Is Strange.

In addition to the women’s director, there are also six women in other roles: writers, cinematographers, writers’ assistants, costume designers, visual effects artists, costume artists, and production designers.

All six have been nominated, along with Smith.

The film’s star, Margot Robbie, is also an Oscar nominee.

Robbie is best-known for her role as The Mindless Ones’ mother, in which she plays a character who has been transformed into a sentient, computer-controlled robot. 

The Handmaids Tale is slated to be released on November 7.

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