‘Dancing with the Stars’ fans’ love for Justin Bieber has them singing, dancing and dancing some more!

“Dancing With the Stars” fans are singing, singing, and dancing more!

The dance craze started after the hit NBC series began airing on ABC in March.

They are currently in the middle of a week-long, worldwide, sold-out broadcast, which is set to be broadcasted on ABC on Sunday, April 19.

“Dance with the stars” has become such a hit that the show’s producers, producers and talent are currently filming new episodes and new music videos to be released during the week.

One fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, tweeted a photo of her husband, Justin Bieber, and her two-year-old daughter, Lacey, at the premiere on April 11.

“When you think about what Justin is doing with his career, you see what I saw in the first show, the girls are dancing like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” she wrote.

“Justin’s been doing a really good job.

They’re in a dance troupe and he’s the star of it.”

Another fan, called Lacey of “Downton Abbey,” shared her excitement for the new season of “The Bachelor” on Instagram: “My mom has a crush on Justin Bieber and I’m loving him.

He’s doing the show on the island and I’ve seen him at the beach, he’s walking around the park and we’re all dancing and jumping around.”

Fans are also tweeting about their love for the show and sharing photos and videos of them dancing to the show.

One of the most popular hashtags for the season is #DanceWithTheStars, which has been used more than 4 million times since it was created on Sunday.

The hashtag has also caught on with celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato, and even the pope.

“Bless your heart for your time to celebrate with @JustinBieber and his love for #TheBachelor.

#TheLoveForDancing” tweeted Madonna on Sunday evening.

“I am so thrilled for you!

@thebachelor @thebandidrone @the_bandidone @bandidonor @jordani_marchetti @michael_papadopoulos @thekate_curry @louis_kate #BachelorInAThon,” tweeted Cherie Currie.

“Happy 4th birthday, #TheBandidrone!” tweeted Kim Kardashian West.

A number of other popular celebrities, including Beyoncé and Katy Perry, have been seen dancing during the show, as have musicians such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, David Bowie, and Madonna.

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