How to Get Her Naked: How Gina D. Darling Got Her First Nude Photo

Gina Darling is a former reality TV star and Playboy model.

Now, the 37-year-old has her own brand of nudes—and it’s all shot in her bedroom.

When she’s not in her home studio or her apartment, Darling’s been posting a few of her nude photos online to her fans.

Some of her fans have been following the new lifestyle and are sharing their own photos of Darling on her website,

In this exclusive interview, Darling talks about how she got her first naked photo and how she decided to start her own blog.

“My wife was like, ‘You should just do this.

It’s really good.’

It’s so easy,” Darling says.

“I’m like, [I] know, but I’m like [I want to] get naked and go get on a beach.”

Darling has been posting nude photos of herself on her blog since 2015.

Darling is known for her tight, long-cropped, full-figured legs and big round ass.

She’s also an avid photographer and the creator of her own private website called Gina-Darling Photography, which offers private nude shoots.

Darling’s photos feature a wide range of sexual positions, from kneeling on her bed to riding on a horse to dancing nude in front of her husband and son.

“There’s just so many different things that I’m really good at doing, and it’s really fun,” Darling tells me.

“And then, it’s like, what is this going to be?

I don’t know, I don.

I’m so excited.”

Darling is one of many women in the entertainment industry who’s taken to the Internet to share their own private nude photos.

And while there are plenty of people in the industry that are just as open about their bodies, Darling isn’t one of them.

“It’s a weird thing that people just think I’m a big deal, but it’s not,” Darling explains.

“Because I’m not.

And then, when I see people sharing their nude photos on Gina, I’m just like, I can’t wait to share my own stuff with people.

I know I’m gonna get a lot of really great feedback.”

Darling and other women have long been able to share nude photos with the support of their fans on their website.

But now, Darling has a bigger audience to reach.

“In this era, it can be difficult to have a really big online presence,” Darling admits.

“You know, you’ve got to keep your privacy.

And there’s nothing worse than people being like, What are you doing?

[They’re] gonna take photos of me.”

For Darling, the online community has been a huge help in her growth.

“When I first started, I was just like my life was a lot more lonely.

I was on the internet, but my life had nothing to do with it,” Darling reveals.

“Now, I feel like my online presence is super important for me, because I know that people are watching me on TV and online, so it’s super easy to reach them and reach out.”

Darling says that she feels she’s making a huge difference to her personal life as well.

“People who are on Instagram and Snapchat are amazing, they really bring out my personality.

So, I really want to be a part of that,” Darling said.

“That’s really important to me.”

Darling also talks about the importance of social media in helping to build a larger community.

“The reason that I started Gina is because I just couldn’t really go online and meet people,” Darling told me.

“[But] Instagram has changed my life in so many ways.”

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