Woman claims to have seen Doris Day and the Beatles at nightclub before her death


— A woman claiming to have witnessed the death of former Beatles drummer Doris Grant has told authorities she believes her account of the band’s final concert at the legendary nightclub.

Doris Day died at the club on July 26, 1966, according to the Kentucky Department of Health.

She was 44.

Doris Day died from acute pancreatitis, according, to the Kansas City Star.

The department says she had consumed a high-protein diet.

In a statement, the agency said the department has “a number of cases of acute pancreatic illness,” but it would not elaborate.

Grant died in an undisclosed location after being treated at a local hospital, the newspaper reported.

A witness who witnessed Grant’s death told the Associated Press that he saw Grant’s body, covered with a blanket, on a stretcher.

The woman told authorities that she had been standing in the back of a vehicle with friends when Grant’s friend approached and saw Grant in the front seat.

The witness said she then told a friend she was going to give Grant CPR.

The woman said she and her friend went into the club.

The witness said the woman did not recognize the group, but she did not know who the woman was.

The Associated Press has reached out to a number of other people who were at the concert who say they saw the alleged witness.

The Associated Press can’t verify that account.

The concert is remembered by many for the iconic concert in 1966, which featured the Beatles and others.

It was held on the first day of Grant’s contract as a performer.

The band played the opening night of the show, which was broadcast on television.

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