How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends

What to bring to a Valentine’s dinner at the darling oysters bar in Toronto?

If you’re feeling especially romantic, there are some ideas to get you there.

A few tips on how to go about it: 1.

Grab a drink before your date.

“If you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s treat, you can always go to a bar and drink a few shots before you head out on a date,” says Jodi Sartor.

“Then, after you have your date gone, you should be ready to go back for more.”


Order cocktails with friends.

“Cocktails, which are typically made with spirits, can be made with cocktails, so go with people who are interested in a cocktail,” says Jessica Smith.

“And if you have a date coming up, go ahead and bring a bottle of wine, as well.”


Pair a cocktail with a treat.

“You might want to try a sweet, salty or sweet-tart dessert with a sweet and salty cocktail,” adds Smith.


Wear a hat and go outside to enjoy the sunset.

“The sunsets, and especially at dusk, are really beautiful, so get out of the house,” says Smith.

If you don’t want to go out, try hanging out with friends outside, or go for a walk in the park.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“People tend to want to take care of each other in Valentine’s, but they also want to help you out, too,” says Sartin.

“So if you need to do a little shopping, make an appointment to pick up some things, or make an order for something, ask your friends for help,” says Smithe.

“I mean, if someone’s gone out for a date, you might want some help making sure everything is in order.”


If your date is too busy, you don.

“There’s always the chance that you might be able to find someone to help, but it doesn’t mean you should stop at your usual date,” adds Sartot.

“It just means you might have to think about things a little bit differently, or get creative to make your date more interesting,” says Maitland.

“Some things to try: asking someone who is more involved with a party to bring a drink, asking for some flowers, or going to a place where there are no food trucks.”


Bring a bouquet.

“Make sure you’re going out for Valentine’s with a boulevard bouquet,” says Eileen Bessette.

“For a Valentine dinner, it’s really important to have a boule for your date,” she says.

“They are usually really fancy, so if you want something more casual, it would be nice to have something that you can just put on the table and have fun with.”


Have a nice, warm blanket and a good book.

“Having a nice blanket is definitely a must, as it is one of the best ways to make sure that your date doesn’t forget you or forget about you,” says Bess.

“As you get closer to your date, the blankets will become more important.”


Have something romantic on your mind.

“A good romantic book is always a good idea,” says Doreen O’Neill.

“Just remember that it’s going to be a long day at work and a long evening out there, so have a book that you want to read that is a little lighthearted.”


Make your date’s day special.

“Take out your favorite cards, or have some of your favorite photos or videos that you like,” says Lina Egan, author of Love for Love: Valentine’s and Its Relationship.

“These things can be shared with a few people that you don, you know, share your heart with, so you can see what they think of you,” she adds.

“That’s a really nice way to do it.”


If it’s cold, wear a coat.

“Do it in a way that will make you feel comfortable,” says O’Neil.

“Or, if you are in a room where the temperature is dropping, make sure you have some warm blankets on your bed to keep you warm.”


Keep your love in your heart.

“Keeping a close watch on your date can be really important,” says Niki Steeg, author and social worker.

“In the midst of a relationship, it can be hard to see the other person and know that they are going to miss you.

So, a good Valentine’s date book, even if it’s a romantic one, is going to make it easier to remember to see each other.”


Don the pink bow tie.

“Pinks can be super cute,” says Steegs.

“Pink bow ties are a great way to remember you and your date for Valentine, and are a perfect gift for

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