When you see a baby born on a bike, think ‘bicycle’. And when you see one die, think about all the mothers who have lost loved ones to the dangers of riding a bike

On January 3, the Delhi High Court upheld the death sentence of the father of a six-month-old baby girl who died in a crash with a motorcycle.

The woman had been travelling home from the hospital in the evening and was hit by a speeding motorcycle, the court said in its judgment.

The court ordered the prosecution to produce a statement by the woman’s husband and another witness, in which he denied having driven the motorcycle.

He said he had only taken the bike for an errand and was not riding it at the time of the accident.

He said the motorcycle was parked in front of his house.

The case had gone to trial last year and was on appeal in December when the Supreme Court ordered a new trial.

In its judgment, the bench said: “It was clear from the evidence that the father had not been aware of the motorcycle being in the lane when it was struck.

He had only seen the motorcycle and not been in a position to react to the collision.”

In a separate case, the high court had rejected a plea by a woman who had been riding a bicycle on an urban road when she was killed by a car on January 7.

The court also said the prosecution had failed to prove that the defendant was riding the motorcycle at the moment of the crash, adding that the prosecution’s case was “fraught with contradictions”.

The case of the cyclist who died on the same road as the woman was heard by the high courts on April 1.

The woman’s family members have also been challenging the conviction.

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