How Lucy and Darla Crane Pornned for $7M in a Porno for $3M Deal

A porn star who appeared in a porno for a $7 million dollar deal that went bust was reportedly paid $6 million for her performance in a movie.

A report on Thursday night by the New York Post said that Lucy Crane and her then-boyfriend, Dalton Crane, had just started working together.

A pornographer, the report said, told the couple that he had a film that he wanted to make, but the actress wanted to play the part of a sexy sex worker, who had been seduced by her friend’s character.

After the director rejected the script, the couple got back together, the Post reported.

“It was a real dream come true,” Dalton Crane told the newspaper.

The couple got a meeting with a producer and they agreed to make a movie together.

The two worked out a deal with the pornographer that they would get $6.7 million for their work, the paper reported.

But it turns out that $6-million didn’t exactly cover the cost of the movie, the New Yorker reported.

According to the paper, the porno producer said that Crane “was paid $5.8 million in advance,” and he said that she got a $5-million check the following day.

The pornographer said that the couple decided to use the money to purchase an apartment in Los Angeles, and they paid $1.8-million for it.

The director later agreed to repay the couple for $1 million.

The story did not specify how much the pornographers earnings would have been if they had gotten the film made.

“We got $6m, which is not all that much,” Dalton said, according to the report.

“I think we could have made it even better if we had been in LA.”

It’s not the first time the couple has had problems with the law.

The Post also reported that the porn actor claimed that his ex-wife had raped him during a custody battle.

“They used to be so sweet,” Dalton told the paper.

“Then they did that to me.

I guess I’ve never forgiven them.”

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