Trump: ‘I think this was a good day’ for women

When it comes to the Trump administration, he’s not afraid to take a stand.

In a new interview, the president-elect, who has been under fire for his treatment of women, said the Women’s March on Washington was a “good day” for women and called on Congress to pass legislation “so we can stop the bleeding.”

“I think the Women in the World march was a great success.

I thought it was a tremendous success.

And I thought the Women and Girls March was a very, very, positive success,” he said.

“I thought we had a tremendous turnout, and I thought we did a great job in terms of women in politics and in terms in terms on the economic front.

I think it was an effective way of expressing our message.

And you know, we’re going to do that again next year.

And that’s going to be a big success for women, and we’re excited to see what happens in 2019.”

He continued: “And I think we have a tremendous opportunity to bring about an economic recovery for all of us and a massive tax cut for everybody.

And we have to do a better job on behalf of women.”

The president-to-be told reporters he thinks the march will be a success.

“And we will be very happy about it,” he added.

“We’re going into 2021, and hopefully we’re not going to have a repeat of last year.”

The White House said Friday that the inauguration will be held on Jan. 20.

The president has previously said he plans to hold the event on Jan 3, 2023.

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