Darla crane dies after falling off dingo

Dingo are known for their bold behaviour, but this time their behaviour has been out of proportion.

The family of Darla Crane, from South Australia, has confirmed the 21-year-old had fallen from a dingo-related structure in South Australia.

Her death was confirmed by her father and brother, and they are still waiting to hear from coroners.

“Darling, we are all so heartbroken,” she wrote on Instagram.

“My daddy, brother and I are so devastated by the news that Darla passed away today.

We love you so much and will miss you so dearly.””

Dude was always so fun to hang out with and it was so much fun hanging out with him and his family.”

She added: “He was just a very loving dog.

I love you guys so much.””

We were all together in this amazing community.

I love you guys so much.”

Darla was part of a group of four dingo and a fox called ‘Ding’ who lived with her family at a home on a property in Tassie.

She was one of four dogs living with the family, and the owner of the property said Darla was a “super happy, bubbly and fun dog”.

“Darla loves to play, she likes to play fetch and she was always very good at fetching and she loved her friends,” the owner, Chris Brown, said.

“It’s a sad day for everyone at the family and the community.”

Darlla was named after a Dingo-themed TV show, which aired in Australia in the early 1990s.

Her father, Daniel Crane, said Darlla had been trained as a fox.

“She was a beautiful, cute dog,” he said.

She had been on the run since she was about five months old, but was last seen by her family when she wandered off into the bush.

The owners of the house where Darla had spent her days, were devastated by her death.

“We’re devastated, we’re really devastated,” Mr Crane said.

“The dog was so popular.

She’s been a part of our lives since she first got her name.””

She’s a family member.

She was just loved by everybody.”

Ding was a member of the dingo family.

Mr Crane said Darlas owners were not the only ones who had fallen in love with the dongos.

“Darl had a really big family, she had a lot of friends,” he added.

“Her family was like, ‘Darling you’re the best, you’re just so cute, you can’t go home and nobody’s going to miss you’.”

Mr Crane has also been searching for Darla’s missing dingo.

“I’m not going to get on the internet to see what she’s doing, I’m going to look in the woods,” he joked.

“There’s a big tree with a dong.

I just don’t know what she is doing.””

It seems to be an old dingo, maybe it’s a little bit damaged.”

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