What is Darla Dimple’s new fashion line?

Darla dimples, the fashion editor of Vogue, has a new line of purses.

The line, which is available now, includes a purse from the fashion house, a purse featuring Darla’s face, and a purse inspired by her pet.

The first is called Darla, which means “love” in English.

The second is called A-Dog, which translates to “dogs” in the English language.

The last is called Bitch, which translated to “love.”

The name of the new line comes from a song that the actress and her husband shared with the Vogue staff when they were filming “Nikki,” the upcoming movie starring Scarlett Johansson.

The song is called “Love and You,” and the movie, directed by director Sam Mendes, is set in New York City.

The fashion house is partnering with the actor to help promote the new collection, which has been available for preorder on the Vampiro website.

“We were excited to be partnering with Darla and her friends on this new line because it is really inspiring to see women, especially young women, take the first steps in creating beautiful purses for themselves,” said Darla spokeswoman Jessica M. Breslin.

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