Michael Darling Returns to Bourbon & Beyond, Now with A Whiskey Diary

Michael Darling’s new Bourbon & Butterscotch boutique will open on October 7, and its name is a bit more descriptive than you might expect.

The shop is a new venture that will be run by Darling himself, with a focus on crafting whiskey from local ingredients, rather than the standard, imported varieties.

“I’m always looking to create new and interesting things, and to do so in a way that’s sustainable,” Darling tells B/R Mag.

“This time around, I want to be very specific about what the ingredients are, and why we need them in this particular bourbon.”

A small sampling of the new product will be showcased, including a selection of handcrafted spirits, such as a bourbon made with peat and applewood and a barrel-aged rum made with honey and maple syrup.

The retail space will also feature vintage items from the early 1900s, including the famed Henry James bottle opener.

The boutique is located at 1250 W. 8th Street in Chicago, Illinois.

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