How ‘the darling’ bar became a landmark for the city’s food scene

A new gem in the city of Bangalore’s food world has been born in a new bar called The ‘Darling Oyster Bar’ that’s the darling of the city.

The eatery, called ‘The Darling Oyster’, has been around since 2011, and now has around 600 seats in the bar.

The bar is a favourite for its tasty dishes and the owners, Sanjay Kumar, are known for their passion for cooking.

He is the owner of the ‘Daring Oyster’ in Bangalore.

“I am passionate about food and I always cook with love,” Sanjay told The Times Of India.

“This is my passion.

I am passionate because I love to cook, eat, drink and dance with people.

My favourite thing is dancing with people.”

Sanjay and his family are known to frequent the restaurant’s VIP areas.

They have also been hosting ‘specials’ for the restaurant over the years.

The ‘daring’ in the name means the ‘love of food’.

“I want to share this passion with people so that they can love food, love dancing, love music and dance in the best way possible,” Sanjays son Sanjay, said.

Sanjay’s daughter, Priyanka, who is the director of the restaurant, said, “We started this venture to create a place where people can be happy and comfortable.

This is not a bar.

We are creating a place to be loved and enjoyed.”

The ‘Dared’ Oyster bar is located at the corner of K.N.M. Marg, the city centre’s main road.

The restaurant serves both vegetarian and vegan food.

The food is made fresh by the kitchen in-house and the food is kept at a high standard.

The menu is available for take out and is made up of dishes like curry, chicken tikka masala, vegetarian roti and vegetarian kofta.

The desserts range from savoury dessert, banana chai and panna cotta to desserts such as coconut custard.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of the old ‘Mannaloo’ hotel.

The venue, which is undergoing renovations, is set to open in March 2018.

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