‘Puppeteer’ to be named after a beloved pet – BBC

‘Puppet’ to become a pet name after darling Danika Dalrymple’s death, the BBC has revealed. 

The actress was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014. 

Her beloved Dolly, who was born in India, was one of the many pets Danika loved. 

“The idea for Danika to have a pet named after her was born from my love for her and her life,” said director David O. Russell, who worked with Danika on the film The Princess Diaries. 

He told The Times, “I was inspired by Danika’s love of animals and the stories she told, and she inspired the idea that we should name the pet after the person who loved her.” 

Dolly, named for the Hindu goddess Dolly Parton, is a four-legged dachshund who was given to Danika in her last days after her husband died. 

Danika and Dolly were inseparable and lived for a decade in London, where they lived with her husband, actor Kevin Costner. 

After Danika died in 2015, the BBC asked her husband Kevin if they should name their pet after her. 

Kevin said, “Of course, of course!” 

The film is a sequel to The Princess Diary, and the pet name has been suggested by the BBC. 

Darling Danika is currently serving as an assistant director on The Princess diaries.

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