When I see the ‘darling’

The word “darling” was coined in the 1980s by American actress Sharon Darling. 

It describes a woman with an average-sized bust and round, light skin, with a short, flat nose and a flat mouth. 

 When people think of a woman in this fashion, they think of someone who is thin, blonde or blue-eyed. 

But it’s also a person who has a high waistline and a wide belly. 

People often say they think they are fat. 

Sharon Darling, now 77, has worn the “darlin” since she was a child, and it has taken her more than 50 years to realise she was overweight. 

In her mid-30s, she started dieting and cutting out unhealthy food, and she was so thin that she didn’t need a bra. 

Then she started losing weight and started exercising more, and, in her late 40s, became fit. 

“The problem with being fat is that you’re trying to fit into the image of what you want to look like, but that image is completely wrong,” she says. 

Now, after years of losing weight, Sharon Darling says she is in her fifties, and that’s when she realised that her waistline is the biggest problem. 

She has lost 10 stone (about 13cm) in the past 10 years. 

(Photo: Getty Images) “I realised it was a big deal that I looked like that and it was so much easier to feel that way,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne’s The Feed. 

The problem is, she says, “when you have a large waistline, you’re not very good at eating right, because you’re so hungry.” 

Sharing the weight loss story with the ABC’s Morning Report, Sharon says she would like to have a small waistline as a mark of pride, but she’s struggling with it. 

When she talks about the diet, she is careful to emphasise that she’s not “fat” because she does not want to be. 

However, she still does feel that she has too much fat around her body, and is constantly looking for ways to get rid of it.

“I don’t feel like I’m losing weight by doing any exercise,” she said. 

It’s important to note that Sharon Darling was not fat as a child. 

This is due to her mother being a slender woman, but in the mid-1990s, the British media began to focus on the overweight British actress who had a high-profile career. 

So the public began to notice that, for example, actress Julia Roberts weighed over 800kg (2,700lbs), and that was the average weight of the stars of the era, including Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, Naomi Campbell and Charlize Theron. 

After the public backlash, actress Natalie Portman’s weight fell in 1999, and in 2007, the Duchess of Sussex weighed in at 888kg (3,100lbs). 

Shared insecurities The biggest problem for Sharon Darling is her self-image, which is that she is not the same person she used to be, and many people say that she looks like a “darwin”. 

“Everyone tells me I’m fat and I feel like, ‘Why are you trying to look thinner?'” she said, describing how she felt at the time. 

While Sharon is no longer fat, she believes her body is not as thin as it used to. 

For example, she admits that she hasn’t gone as pale as she once did, but is still thin. 

Even though she says she doesn’t look like a woman anymore, she thinks that her weight loss is more than worth it.

“I’ve always had a lot of insecurity about what I look like.

I’ve always been worried about my body,” she explains. 

And she says that, even though she is no more thin, she has gained a lot more weight in the years since losing the weight. 

“[It] has been a lot easier to get used to being thin.

I used to feel like ‘why am I doing this?'” she told The Feed, giving an example of the time when she lost her first six stone in three years.”

You start to realise that you have an eating disorder when you get to a certain size,” she added. 

There are many other reasons why Sharon Darling believes that her body has changed, but her most important motivation for changing is her belief that she could have been healthier. 

According to Sharon Darling, a “good diet” is the key to losing weight. 

 “I would like people to know that you can have a very healthy lifestyle without being in a bad health,” she adds. 

As Sharon Darling continues to lose weight, she hopes to get a medical examination to determine whether her weight is indeed normal. 

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