Teens who are afraid of ‘the internet’ could be making good crypto purchases

Teens are buying bitcoin because it is the only cryptocurrency that does not involve the internet, but a lot of them are also scared of the internet.

According to a recent study by research firm IDC, the average American youth has a Facebook account, Instagram account, and Snapchat account.

They are also active on Twitter and Pinterest.

The internet is scary for young people.

“It’s a little bit scary to not know that people you know are there and they’re checking in on you,” said Amy Peebles, 21, a sophomore at Arizona State University.

“So I was like, ‘I think I want to try something new.'”

Peebles was a fan of the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.

It’s been called the “killer app” and is a decentralized, open source platform that allows people to build decentralized apps.

Peeples decided to take a stab at a crypto investment after seeing some of the hype surrounding it.

“I really thought it would be fun,” she said.

“It’s cool.

It looks cool.”

But that’s not all.

For Peebs, the cryptocurrency is also more than just an investment.

She is a big fan of Tezos, a smart contract technology that’s been developing for years and has now been licensed by the Chinese government to create smart contracts.

“The idea that they are going to put a smart-contract code into Ethereum is just crazy,” Peels said.

“If you are an early adopter of this technology and you know it’s going to have a great future, I would say it’s a good investment.

But if you don’t know what it’s capable of, I wouldn’t buy it.”

She said she is also interested in Bitcoin Cash, a coin that is created by a group of developers that are pushing to increase the amount of cryptocurrency available to the masses.

“When I hear ‘bitcoin’ I hear that the price is going up, that the market is going to explode,” Preebs said.

But even though her friends are excited about the technology, she worries that it is a dangerous investment.

“A lot of the crypto guys who are buying it are buying this as a way to hedge against what’s coming down the road,” she added.

“I think it’s dangerous to try to speculate on the future of the blockchain because the world is not what you think it is.”

Peebs said she does not plan to buy cryptocurrencies as a hedge against the future.

She also said she would not buy any coins until it has a more stable price.

“You’re not hedging against the bubble,” she explained.

“You’re just making a quick buck.

And it’s really hard to know when that bubble will burst.”

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