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Bangor has been ranked as the top place to live in Wales in the first half of 2019, according to a new survey by the Greater Anglia Economic Research Centre (GEAR).

The study found that Bangor was the best place to be for young professionals in Wales.

The survey, which was conducted in the spring and summer of 2019 with over 10,000 people, found that the city had the highest average age of people living there, which is in line with other studies.

It also found that there was a significant increase in people aged 65 years and over over the last five years.

Bangor is ranked number 1 on the list of the 10 most affordable places to live for millennials in the UK, with average house prices of £1,534,904.

The city is also ranked among the top 10 cities in Wales for young people.

“Bangor has a strong reputation as a destination for young educated people, with a number of young professionals working and studying here,” the survey found.

“We have a vibrant arts scene, and there are a number in the local and regional media who are passionate about Bangor.”

While Bangor may be a relatively safe place for young adults to work, young professionals are still vulnerable to social stigma and discrimination in many parts of the city, which may be particularly true for those who are black or ethnic minority.

“Bangor is a safe city to work in but also has a number that may be less comfortable.

These individuals may be more vulnerable to discrimination or harassment, and the city is not immune to the effects of climate change, which could impact negatively on the wellbeing of young people.”

The survey also found the most popular topics in the city’s community were politics and local news, with topics such as Brexit, social media, and local business all being mentioned.

“It’s clear that a number who live in Bangor would like to move to a more diverse city, so we need to encourage them to consider their options,” said GEAR chief executive Peter McGovern.

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A strong focus on young professionals and diversity is key to ensuring that they feel welcome and valued in a diverse city.”

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