‘Darling Nikki’ Gets Its Own Netflix Original – The New Yorker

The New York Times reports that Netflix has signed a deal to acquire Darla Nemo, the lead character in Disney Channel’s hit show, Darling Nikki. 

The news comes just two days after Disney’s parent company Disney Enterprises announced that Disney Channel had secured a second season of its long-running drama series Darla Nikki.

The show, which premiered on Disney Channel in 2011, has received praise for its “flawless” portrayal of the character, who is a high-school sweetheart who is diagnosed with autism.

The character has been a major focus of fan interest since it was first announced back in 2015, with fans posting their reactions to the series on social media. 

Disney Channel also acquired the rights to the characters name and likeness for their own show Darla Nik.

The network announced the acquisition last month. 

Darling is the eldest of six siblings and is described as “the ultimate badass” by her sister.

She is a talented athlete and has competed on the track team at the Disney Princess Festival. 

Darla Nemos role on Disney Princess Princesses has been largely ignored by the public, with a lack of details on how she is portrayed on the show making the news less of a surprise. 

This is the second major acquisition Disney has made in the wake of Darla’s popularity on the Disney Channel.

The studio announced in October that it had signed a multiyear deal to buy the rights for Disney Channel to produce and develop more original programming, including a new original animated series, to be called Princesses.

Disney Channel will produce Princesses, which is expected to air from 2020-21.

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