What’s the best part of being a female entrepreneur?

This week, Gina Darling-Hammond, co-founder of online fashion retailer ShoeRentals, has taken to the internet to discuss her new venture and what it means for the future of business.

Her venture is called Shoe Rentals and it’s set up to give women who live in the UK a place to shop for footwear at the same time as their male counterparts.

The idea is to allow women to shop without being limited to men who are “too big for their britches”.

“Women are really used to being the one’s own bosses, which is a huge issue in our society,” she told Business Insider.

“The women who have gone through this are used to working with men, and if that changes then there will be no need for them to go into this.”

Ms Darling-Hartmond says the business is designed to appeal to the growing female demographic of women who don’t like to shop at the end of the day.

“There’s a certain stigma around what you wear to work, and you have to do that on your own, so what women are buying is something they can put on and be happy with.”

If you look at the men’s shoe market, there’s a lot of brands that cater to women.

“So they don’t really need to make that argument to men, they can just put the product on their own.”

I think a lot more women are going to be going into these shoes, and I think it’s going to give us the opportunity to be able to sell them better.

“The business has so far sold more than 10,000 pairs of shoes, but she hopes to double the size of the business within three years.

She says the demand for the shoes is huge and she’s not worried about the negative feedback that might come from being seen as a “girly” woman.”

We’ve had quite a few women tell us that it’s the most sexist thing they’ve ever heard of and that they’ve never been approached to work with us,” she said.”

They just say that we’re just women, so I think that’s a pretty important thing to hear.”‘

I’m so glad I’m in a business that is for the women’Gina Darling Hammond, founder of online clothing retailer ShoutSource: Business InsiderShoe Rentas aim to offer the same service to women who work in retail as they do to women in the fashion industry.”

It’s really a way of putting out that we don’t have to go to a man to shop,” she explained.”

You can shop for shoes on your phone or you can have your own business with your phone, and it all works like that.

“When you’re at work, you’re not the one who’s going shopping.

You’re just the one wearing a dress.”

And that’s something we want to address.

“She also said the business has seen huge success, with more than 200,000 orders on its website.”

People are so used to shopping at the store, so we want them to be the one to shop.

“And we’re really happy to be doing that, because we have a big audience of women, too.”

She said the idea has already received positive feedback from the public, with women expressing interest in the business.

“So many people are asking if we can sell to women and women are saying, ‘Absolutely!’.”

There is a lot that women are really looking forward to.

We’re getting so many women talking about us.

“Ms Jamieson said she wanted to create a business where women could sell their own shoes to customers, without worrying about their appearance.”

In this age of Instagram and Pinterest, there are so many great opportunities for women,” she shared.”

Women don’t want to wear the same outfits as men do, they want to make the best clothes for themselves.

“ShoeRental is all about giving women that opportunity to do it.”

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