‘The Darling Companion’: A Guide to American Beauty

It’s the year 2020 and a lot has changed for Americans.

It’s time to revisit the best and worst aspects of the 20th century and how they’ve impacted the way we look at beauty and how we perceive beauty today.

But there’s no one single answer to all the questions.

This week, we’re looking at how the Darling charm of 1950s-era ads, the softness and the subtlety of today’s ads, and the sheer beauty of an image, all contributed to the way beauty has changed in the last 60 years.

Today, beauty is defined by what’s not there, not what’s there, but how it can be.

We explore the ways in which beauty and beauty culture have changed and are still changing in the 20 years since the 1940s.

We’ll start with the Darlings and then explore the changing attitudes toward beauty and the changing standards that have helped to shape the way Americans look at it today.

This episode is sponsored by the Beauty, Body, and Wellness Institute at the University of Illinois.

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