How to Get Rid of Your BFFs and Meet the Real Nikki Darling

You might think that a love story between a high-school sweetheart and a college sweetheart would be an awkward situation to write about.

Not at all, says Nikki Darling.

“Nikki’s story is very much real, but it’s also the most honest, raw, authentic and authentic thing I’ve ever written,” the actor told Recode in a phone interview.

Nikki, who is currently starring in the HBO series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the upcoming film The Night Stalker, and her best friend Darla, who was recently introduced to her through a romantic app, have been friends for nearly two decades.

Nikki’s story begins when Nikki was in high school, and Darla was there with her when Nikki’s father, who worked as a janitor, was killed by a drunk driver.

“When Nikki told me about it, I was devastated,” Darla said.

“I thought she was just a bad person, but she was really hurting.”

The two met at college, and Nikki’s parents, who also worked in the janitorial industry, were friends with Darla.

“The night that happened, Darla told Nikki, she was so scared and she couldn’t go to school anymore,” Nikki said.

Nikki went on to meet a man at a bar and he started talking to her, and she fell in love with him.

Nikki also started seeing Darla more often.

Nikki and Dara were still friends at that point, and when Nikki became pregnant, Dara gave birth to Nikki.

“So Darla knew, if Nikki ever had a child, she would have to have a surrogate mother,” Nikki explained.

Nikki began dating Darla and began having regular sex with her in her apartment.

Eventually, Nikki and her parents found a surrogate and gave birth in her parents’ home.

Nikki was pregnant with Nikki’s daughter, Nikki’s, and the couple had two children.

Nikki says she and Daria had a lot of sex in their first marriage, but that the birth of Nikki’s child changed everything.

“We realized how much we missed each other in our life,” Nikki told Recoding.

Nikki said that Darla is the first person she has ever loved who was not a nurse.

“She was just so supportive and so caring and just amazing to be around,” Nikki recalled.

Darla also said that Nikki and Nikki have a close bond, but Nikki says it was hard to have sex with Darl and that Nikki was “trying to be a nurse all the time” and not “doing it with Darlas.”

Nikki says Darla “felt like Nikki was an outsider in our marriage, and I was an immigrant from Ireland.

We had a difficult relationship.”

Darla’s family was supportive of Nikki and continued to support her through her pregnancy, and they continued to make sure Nikki had regular prenatal visits and prenatal classes with her OB/GYN.

When Nikki was 14, Darlas and Nikki got married.

Nikki shared a photo of her wedding day on Instagram and said she was in shock when she found out her husband was the father of her child.

“My mom had said she would take me to the hospital and tell me it was Nikki’s baby,” Nikki remembered.

“They had told me they were going to bury her and she said that she would be able to find me the funeral home, but I couldn’t.”

Nikki’s mother found out the day of the wedding and sent her a card with her name and phone number, along with a letter thanking Nikki for being such a “good wife” to Nikki and for being the love of her life.

The next day, Nikki was surprised to find out that Darl was not the father, which shocked Nikki.

She says that she was devastated.

“As soon as I found out, I cried and I cried a lot,” Nikki remembers.

Nikki then met Darla at a party, and soon she had the ring on her finger.

Nikki has since said that while Nikki is “not afraid of the dark,” she still feels the need to keep Darla in the dark about her own relationship.

“You need to be comfortable, you need to make yourself comfortable with the people you love and you need people to believe you are the person you want to be,” Nikki says.

“And you can never be safe with someone else.”

Nikki and Nikko Darling are the proud parents of Nikki Darling and Darl Crane.

Nikki explained to Recode that she and her family are not trying to “steal” Darla from Nikki and to “be a bad mom” to her daughter.

Nikki Darling said she is not interested in having a baby from a surrogate.

“No, not at all,” Nikki added.

Nikki wants to tell Nikki’s “story to as many people as possible,” she says.

Nikki would also like to “do something to honor Darla.”

“I want to do something to say thank you for everything she’s done for

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