How to stop the opioid epidemic: How to make it stop, guide guide to a new generation

“We were talking about how to take care of our children, and the way that we were raising them was just horrible, and I’m like, ‘This is how we’re going to stop it.'”

Rodgers said he was at a table of his son’s friends with his daughter and niece, and he said his son asked his friends, “Where did the heroin come from?”

Rodgers’ answer was that it was made from fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that was also made in the United States and Canada.

“He was like, how can you tell?

It was like a drug.

We don’t know what the hell is going on,” Rodgers recalled.

Rodgers says he felt so betrayed and angry.

He said he told his son, “We need to talk about how we can do something about it.”

Rodgers, whose family has lived in Detroit for most of his life, has struggled with drug addiction since he was in the eighth grade.

The former Navy SEAL says his son and niece were living in the same neighborhood as the people he had to keep out of harm’s way, but they weren’t there anymore.

He called 911 for help and got to the bottom of the opioid crisis in Detroit.

Rodger says he tried to help the people who were affected by the fentanyl crisis.

“They just couldn’t get the help they needed, so I got to them,” Rodger said.

Rodges is now a licensed therapist, working in the city of Detroit to help people dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

He hopes his message can be heard in the coming weeks and months.

“I know this is going to be a big issue, but I feel like I have to say it, because I’m not the only one,” Roders said.

“You know, I’m talking to you.

We need to do something.

We have to do more than just say we’re sorry.”

For more local news, go to The Washington Times.

For more on the opioid scandal, go here.

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