What is Darla Crane? #DarlaCrop

Darla, who was born Darla Dixon, and her brother Logan, have become Internet celebrities since their infamous video showing them getting off at a hotel.

But now that they’re on a show that they are trying to perform in front of a camera, Darla and Logan will have to answer questions about their past, their parents and their sexuality.

Here are 10 things to know about the two brothers.1.

Their parents are a lesbian couple who have an incestuous relationship with their son Logan, who has an HIV-positive status.

Darla’s mother was an “actress” before she married Logan’s father and was divorced before the couple split.

She has said that Logan was abused as a child by his father.2.

Darlinda Dixon was the first openly gay person in the US to be nominated for a Best Actress Emmy Award.

She was nominated for her role in “Cars 2” for her work in the drama “Sons of Anarchy” and for her portrayal of a lesbian woman in “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”3.

Logan and Darla are the first brothers to be openly gay.

They’ve been in a relationship since 2011 and had their first child in 2017.

Logan has since said that his sexuality is not something he identifies with and says that his relationship with Darla is not the same.

He says they have been “a really good, good family” and that their “relationship is great.”4.

Logan is the oldest brother and has three older brothers.

Logan, Darlita and Logan’s dad are also gay.


They are currently on a reality TV show called “The Darla Crawley Show” and the show has aired in some markets, including Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey.6.

They also play a part in a musical called “Crawlley’s” with singer-songwriter-actress Dara D’Amato.

They’re currently in a production for Broadway, with an opening date set for Oct. 13.7.

Logan said that the show will “show [Darla] that she’s not alone.”

“I think that if people are going to watch the show, they need to know that they can trust us,” he said.8.

They said that they don’t want to be portrayed as a gay couple.

“We don’t feel that we’re in the same boat,” Logan said.

“I think we’re on the right path.

But we still want to make sure that we stay true to who we are and who we’re really, really trying to be.”9.

Logan recently announced that he is in the process of writing a book about his experience as a teenager in Los Angeles.

He told Vanity Fair that his “big idea” is to “explore, deconstruct, and analyze the history of how we grew up as gay people in Los Angelenos.”10.

Darlas and Logan are currently filming the third season of their reality TV series “Darla Crawleys.”