How to take care of anie with allergies

The best way to manage an allergic reaction is to keep an eye on it, an expert says.

Here are some tips to keep your allergies in check and manage your symptoms, including: Avoid contact with anything that could react with your body, including food, drink and other foods.

Seek medical advice immediately if you notice anaphylactic reactions or a change in your skin’s texture or feel any rash.

You can take antifungal or allergy medication, but avoid taking more than 2 to 4 tablets at a time for the first few days.

Use a barrier-free mask when you’re in a confined space, like in a hotel or in a classroom.

You should wear a mask when using an electric device and when you’ve eaten something with an antifreeze, such as an ice cream.

Avoid touching your eyes or mouth if you have an anaphrodisiac reaction.

When you’re sick, stay home from work or school, or stay in the home where you are living.

If you’re feeling better and you’re not sick, go to bed, eat a normal meal and then resume your usual activities.

For more information on managing allergic reactions, visit the Canadian Paediatric Society’s website at