Which is your favorite American beauty brand?

Darlene Crane, the popular and often controversial American beauty queen, is one of many celebrities whose faces have been used to promote the beauty products of the American Beauty Brands (ABC).

Crane, who has a history of making controversial statements and has been the subject of several lawsuits, recently used her brand name in a letter to ABC President & CEO Mark Burnett, who owns the company, to protest the company’s decision to not renew her contract with the network.

The letter was released on Wednesday by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), a lobbying group that represents many of the top executives at ABC.

Crane, whose husband, Emmy winner and television star, Darlena Crane, also used her name in the letter, called the decision “disgusting.”

“I am deeply concerned about the decision to discontinue the Darlen and Emmy Awards,” Crane wrote in the Sept. 20 letter.

“It is clear that the ABC Board, and its executive team, have lost confidence in the continued viability of this award.

It is unfortunate that ABC has chosen to discontinuance Darlenes and Emmys, which have been an American success story, as a result of this decision.

It will be a loss to my family and to my industry.”

ABC said the decision is a result “of the challenging economy and strong competition in the beauty industry.”

Crane was also the subject and subject of a lawsuit in 2013.

She has sued the network for defamation, claiming she is the victim of false advertising and that her relationship with Burnett was terminated because she refused to endorse products produced by the company.

In the letter to Burnett, Crane also accused the company of misrepresenting the product lineup in her advertisements.

“ABC has made clear that its products are not exclusive to the Darcas and Emms, but they are exclusive to ABC,” she wrote.

“If you do not agree, I respectfully ask that you stop using my name and images to promote your brands.”

ABC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Crane’s letter.

The move by ABC to not offer Crane an extension comes as the network faces a new backlash over its decision to drop the show Dancing with the Stars from its schedule.

The decision was announced on Wednesday as the latest example of the network’s shift away from traditional American beauty brands.

The program is produced by ABC Studios and produced by Lifetime Entertainment.

ABC has since scrapped the show.

ABC, however, is still considering whether to renew the show, according to Variety, which reported that the network was considering renewing the show at least for the second season.

Crane and her family were the stars of the show from 1998 until 2017.

The actress, who won an Emmy for her work on Dancing with Darlanas, starred on the show alongside fellow ABC stars Debbie Reynolds, Michelle Williams, and Darlana.

The Darclas-Emmy-winning duo won an Academy Award for their roles.

ABC announced the end of the Dancing with The Stars production on Sept. 10.

The network did not comment on the letter.

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