Queen and Duke of Edinburgh meet the man who could be their next husband

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry are hoping to marry soon, and are reportedly looking to have a baby with the future king and queen.

The pair will meet on January 8 in the Netherlands at the palace of the Netherlands in the Dutch capital.

They are both expected to attend the royal christening of the first child, which is expected to be a boy.

The king and princess will reportedly remain together for the rest of their lives.

Sources said the pair are considering a new name for the baby, which will be named Duke Nicholas and Princess Charlotte, and is likely to be christened Nicholas, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie.

They will be married in England, where they would be the first to have the title Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The prince is currently on holiday in England.

Sources have said the two are also considering a third child, with sources claiming they are in talks with a second husband for the future of the royal family.

Prince Harry, who is also the heir to the British throne, is believed to be one of the top contenders to marry the future King and Queen, with the two being friends.

He is understood to have been on a “working holiday” in London this year.

The Duke of Sussex, Duke Charles, is also a favourite with the royal couple, with their friendship believed to have grown stronger as he aged.

The couple have been friends since they were teenagers and have spent time together since the birth of Prince Harry’s first child.