Which is better for the environment?

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is taking a stand for the nation’s clean energy future and has a new ad out that says “I can’t be part of a carbon economy.”

In the ad, the CEO of API, Daniel Yergin, says, “It’s my job to lead a clean energy revolution.

I’m the CEO, and that’s my responsibility.”

The ad, titled “I Can’t Be Part of a Carbon Economy,” was filmed during a visit to a coal plant in New York.

The company has also been making its climate change and air quality statements, including in a recent statement about the Keystone XL pipeline.

“I want to make clear to the oil and gas industry that their climate change plans aren’t working,” Yerkin says.

“The Keystone XL project will lead to higher gas prices, lower economic activity and fewer jobs.”

Yergin says the ad isn’t about climate change, but is meant to be about the “carbon economy.”

“The carbon economy is a way to create jobs, create economic growth, and provide clean energy for our communities,” Yurgin said.

“It should be the model for America.”