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The oh darling has always had a reputation for being a hit, but her latest album has sparked outrage after it was revealed the singer has a long history of mental illness.

The band’s latest album The Darlings is the second to feature the former child star and her former husband, Nate Darling, as well as her ex-husband, JESSICA HIRSTON, who died in 2009.

The album is described as a “drama of love, revenge and redemption”, and features the likes of the likes a karaoke rendition of “I Wanna Go to Paris” and a duet with a fellow former “darlinger” and current “dancing queen” ELIZABETH RICHARDSON.

The book also features a collection of quotes and anecdotes from the oh darling’s life.

One of the book’s authors, a music industry insider, wrote that she was inspired by a “love story” of the oh love, and the “wisdom of the heart” that was revealed in her autobiography, titled A Love Story: How I Met Nate Darling.

The author, who has also written a memoir of sorts, also said the book is meant to be “a celebration of all the incredible and wonderful people that the oh dear have inspired”.

“They have been a huge inspiration to me and I’m so happy to share their story with you,” the insider wrote.

The oh dear and Nate Darling have also collaborated on a number of videos together, including a music video for a song from the album.

It was revealed on Twitter earlier this month that the band had also collaborated with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to produce a song called “I Love You” that is also on The Dars.

In a statement to The Telegraph, the band said they were “honoured” to have collaborated with “such a legendary band”.

“We’re thrilled to have worked with the oh and we look forward to collaborating with the world again in the future,” the statement read.

“Our love for these great artists and music is the source of so much joy and so much happiness for us.

We’re so grateful to the oh for their kindness and support, and we’re so excited for what’s to come.”

They continued: “The oh are so talented, and so well known, so we can’t wait to bring their music to life again!”

But it’s been claimed that the book has also had negative impact on the lives of some people who have worked closely with the band.

In an article on The Telegraph’s website, an unnamed source said the “sad and hurtful” comments had “fanned the flames of the internet”.

“The books [have] made me feel ashamed and hurt that I’m being criticised for not wanting to share my love for them with others, for not sharing with them my love of them, for wanting them to be as close as possible,” the source wrote.

“This has made me question my own beliefs about the oh, for how they’ve impacted me, for the world they live in, for myself, and for everyone.”

“And that’s when I realised, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone who has feelings for you.

It is not a weakness, it is something to embrace.

It’s not a secret, it’s not something that’s shameful, it simply is.”

‘I’m so grateful’ After the backlash to the book, the oh have issued a statement saying the book “reveals the true depth of the love that the members of the Oh dear have for each other and their music”.

“Their love for eachother is genuine, they are genuinely loving, genuine and true.

We are all so grateful for the courage they have given to tell their stories and for sharing them, so that everyone can see their true feelings and the joy they bring to our lives,” they said.

“The words ‘dear oh darling’ are the only words that can truly describe the depth of their love and love for one another.

And we all know that love is powerful.

It will not be replaced.

It has been and will remain with us forever.”

“I think the oh were really brave and they wanted to do this because they think it’s important to talk about.” “

Doolitt and the band have also shared an intimate video of the recording of their song “We Are The Darks”. In the”

I think the oh were really brave and they wanted to do this because they think it’s important to talk about.”

Doolitt and the band have also shared an intimate video of the recording of their song “We Are The Darks”. In the

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