When Prince Andrew and Duchess Kate became the first couple to attend a royal wedding since 1785

When Prince George and Princess Kate were married in 2017, it was the first time in nearly 100 years that two British royals had been married to the same woman.

But for many, it’s just the latest chapter in the long history of British royalty and royal marriages, which have been tied by a complex legal and social history that dates back to the country’s colonial era.

Queen Elizabeth II is the only British monarch who was married before the Civil War, which ended with the Civil List and forced the country to dissolve the monarchy and remove the monarchy from the constitution.

The couple married at Windsor Castle in 1789.

The coronation was held in London in 1790, and their second child was born in 1792.

Their marriage lasted a mere seven months before it was annulled and the union dissolved.

The new royal couple, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess duke of York, had been dating since April 2016, and it was expected they would be together for at least the next year.

But after the Queen was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, the two were forced to step down from the throne, which meant the Duke of York would be able to have only one spouse, Princess Beatrice, who would marry Prince George.

Duchess Beatrice and Prince George in a wedding picture from the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex in 2019.

Duke of Sussex, left, and Prince Harry at a wedding in London.

The Queen, however, had to step aside in November for health reasons, and the Duke and Duchess had to leave the country, too.

During the coronation, the royal couple and their newlyweds posed for pictures together in a long line that stretched around the Royal Palace, in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Houses of Parliament and the National Gallery.

In 2019, Prince Harry married his first cousin, the Prince of Wales, in the same palace.

This photo of Prince Harry and Princess Beatric of Sussex was taken in 2019 and was shared by Kate Middleton, right, and Kate Middlebury, left.

Prince Harry with Prince Harry’s wife Kate Middlewood, right.

Prince Harry and Kate’s parents, Prince George, Duchess of York and Prince William, left to right, Prince Charles, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Daniel, Duchess Eugenie and Prince Philip, centre, pose for pictures at the London premiere of “The Duchess of Cornwall.”

Prince Harry, left and Prince Andrew, right with Kate Middleby.

Kate Middleton and Kate Cameron at the premiere of the movie “The Princess Bride.”

The royal couple are now celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

They are also celebrating the first anniversary of the coronations of their parents, the Queen and Prince of Britain, by visiting a number of countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany, and attending various functions around the world, including a royal reception at Buckingham Palace in London that attracted the world’s top celebrities.

They also recently visited the United States, where Prince William and Kate were the first members of their families to hold a White House ceremony, and held a visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

As well as being a part of the royal family, the Duke, Duchess and Prince also hold an office in the British government, but their roles are more closely tied to the Queen.

The Duke of Edinburgh is the Duchess’s father-in-law and serves as her representative in the UK Parliament.

The Prince of Sussex is the Queen’s personal secretary and holds a similar position in the government.

Queen Mary and Prince Charles in 2017.

The Duke of Buckingham with Prince George at the opening of the new Royal Theatre in 2021.

Kate and Prince Peter pose at a reception for Prince William in 2019, right after the pair visited Israel.

The Duchess and Harry’s first child, Prince William.

Kate Middleby and Prince Daniel at a Royal premiere of a play.

After the coronatorship, the pair are expected to become the first married couple to be recognized as royal citizens in their own country, after their daughter was born and their son, Prince Philip.

According to The Telegraph, Prince Andrew has been offered the title of ‘royal consort’ and Prince Prince Harry has been granted the title ‘sister of the queen.’

Both are currently married to other women, and are expected, if they choose, to stay married.

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