Why are you happy to be a Christmas tree?

It is a tree of many things, but it is the most recognisable of all – a symbol of love and joy.

The tree has been planted on a tree stump in a forest in Devon and it was made by a company called Aviary, which is based in Devon.

“It’s just a tree that we have grown and grown over the last two or three years and it’s really, really beautiful,” said Aviary’s founder, Emma Wootton.

“It looks like it could be any tree, you can see the leaves and all the branches.

It’s beautiful.

It’s very, very rare.”

The tree was planted on the outskirts of Plymouth on Wednesday morning and will be put on display for a week until Christmas Day.

The tree is made of oak, and it has a white, white, and red colour scheme.

The trees are being made by Aviary to celebrate the season, but Mr Wootts also wants people to be inspired by the tree.

“I think people really appreciate it as a symbol that there’s joy in the universe, in the world,” he said.

“There’s not always sadness in it.

I think that’s a really powerful thing that we should all be celebrating and appreciate.”

The Aviary website describes the tree as “a beautiful and unique tree for your home, workplace or for yourself”.

“You can decorate your tree with a variety of colours and different designs.

You can decorates your tree to include a gift, a birthday or even a tree for yourself.”

We love the fact that it’s so simple, so easy to make and that it looks really, very beautiful.

“A Christmas tree is a great way to enjoy the season and make a real statement of love, to celebrate Christmas and celebrate the holiday season.”

Ms Woottons hopes the tree will inspire others to think about Christmas.

“To celebrate Christmas, there’s nothing like it.

We’re celebrating Christmas and the Christmas season,” she said.

Ms Wootsons mum and dad both work in the same field, but she said she was not worried about how the tree would look if they were on holiday.

“You get so many things that can be put up, but I think people should be able to take a moment to appreciate it and celebrate it,” she explained.

While she has not taken it into her own hands, Ms Woott said she hoped other people could do the same.

“People need to think of themselves as part of something special and to think back to the tree,” she added.

“The tree itself will be there forever, but the message that’s being put out there and the message of love is really important to me.”

The Christmas tree has raised more than $1,000 for a charity called Happy Tree that helps people in need.

You can donate to Happy Tree here.