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The new podcast Zero Two is a new show about the first couple in the modern era of marriage, and what it means to be a modern-day matriarch.

The show is about the new ways we are building our lives, the new relationships we’re forming, and the new possibilities we have for the rest of our lives.

But the podcast’s title is a bit of a cheat: the show is called “Zero Two.”

We caught up with Nikki in her New York office to find out what the show’s purpose is, what’s on the agenda for the podcast, and why you should tune in.

The podcast’s theme is “a time of great promise,” and the first episode is dedicated to two couples, Nick and Nikki.

Nikki is the daughter of a retired doctor, and Nick is a writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who has a passion for the art of marriage.

They started a blog and blog.com called “the love-child of two people who had so much in common,” which they’ve now published and sold a book about their story.

Nikki is also an expert in love at first sight.

She is the host of the podcast “The Love Child of Two People Who Had So Much in Common.”

The podcast has a very different approach than other dating podcasts, which focus on the relationship itself and not the date itself.

Nikkis blog is more focused on the dates, and she’s not a fan of dating sites or social media.

“I don’t really like Facebook and Instagram,” Nikki told Recode.

“I think it’s a distraction from the conversation.”

The show focuses on what it is to be married, and is written by the podcast host, Nikki.

She said it’s important to talk about what you do for a living and how you make money and how your life works, and that it’s not just about money.

Nikko said she doesn’t mind having her husband work and that she doesn.

But she also doesn’t like having to work for him.

Nikki said that her husband was an “always-present” presence on the podcast.

She’s not an exclusive, exclusive person, she said.

Nikks life is her own, and when she’s married, her husband works.

It’s a great way for her to be around her children, she explained.

Nikkas partner is also a writer and an entrepreneur, so she can relate to the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Nikko said that when she was first starting out in her business, her relationship with her husband wasn’t great, and eventually they broke up.

She had a tough time coming up with a new way to deal with the situation.

She started a new relationship and realized that she could use the same skills that she’s learned from her husband to run her business.

“In the beginning, I had to make decisions and do things that I didn’t understand, because my brain was really locked in a box,” Nikkys mother said.

Nikkys business is based on her husband’s passion and his business acumen.

She thinks that having the right kind of people to build your business is a good thing.

“My dad is really the kind of person who can help you get to where you want to go,” she said, adding that she had to learn a lot about the business to become the successful businesswoman that she is today.

The couple decided to move into a two-bedroom house in Brooklyn with their three children.

Their son is 6, and his sister is 11.

“Our kids are really in charge of everything.

It is really a family-oriented business,” Nikkos mother said, explaining that her dad was able to be there for them.

They are still raising their two daughters.

Nikky and Nick have been married for more than 10 years.

She has had four kids from a previous relationship and three sons and daughters.

Nikkos oldest daughter is in college and Nikkias youngest son is in high school.

Niknik says that her son is a very happy, successful person, and he is the type of person that wants to be involved in the business.

She also said that their son is “very self-sufficient, and if you ask him to go out, he’ll be there.”

They have been in and out of debt, and they have never had a child of their own.

Nikkin is very proud of the fact that her relationship has worked out.

“It has been very satisfying to me, to be able to make my wife happy and her kids happy and be financially secure, and I’m proud of my relationship,” she explained, adding, “It’s not the easiest relationship, but it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had.”

Nikki also said she has always had a positive attitude about relationships, but the way that she has been able to get to this point has helped her