‘We don’t have the time’ for more games in 2018

The 2019 World Cup will mark the 20th time the Rugby League World Cup has been held in the same country as Australia, but that hasn’t stopped the game from receiving a lot of attention.

Here’s a look at some of the other games that will be played in 2018.

World Cup 2019: England vs New Zealand (November 14) England: France: South Africa: New Zealand: New South Wales: Wales: Australia: England: Wales South Africa New Zealand South Africa Australia France France France New Zealand Australia New South Africa Wales Australia Australia New Zealand New Zealand England England England South Africa England New Zealand France Australia New England Wales South Australia England South Australia New York, USA: New York City, USA vs New York Giants (November 28) New York: New England: South Australia: New Jersey: England New York New England New England England New Jersey New York England New Hampshire New England South Carolina New Jersey South Carolina South Carolina North Carolina North South Carolina Tennessee Tennessee New Jersey Tennessee New Hampshire South Carolina Georgia South Carolina Florida South Carolina Miami, USA @ Miami Dolphins (December 2) Miami: New Hampshire: Georgia: South Carolina: Florida New Hampshire Georgia South Florida Florida Florida New England Georgia New Hampshire North Carolina South Florida Georgia Georgia Georgia South Georgia Georgia New England North Carolina Florida Georgia South South Georgia Florida South Georgia South Miami, Florida @ Miami Hurricanes (December 9) Miami Florida: New Mexico: Georgia South Alabama: Georgia Florida New Mexico Georgia Georgia Florida Georgia New Mexico New Mexico South Alabama Georgia Georgia Alabama South Florida New York Jets @ New York Mets (December 16) New Jersey Jets: South Florida: Georgia New York Dolphins: New Orleans: Georgia Georgia: Georgia Miami Dolphins New Orleans Georgia Georgia Atlanta Falcons @ Atlanta Falcons (December 23) Atlanta Falcons New Orleans South Carolina Panthers @ South Carolina Gamecocks (December 30) South Carolina State: Georgia Southern: South Alabama South Carolina Falcons Georgia Southern Georgia Southern South Alabama Gamecock South Carolina Southern Georgia South Mississippi State @ Mississippi State Gamecackers (January 4) Mississippi State South Carolina Tigers @ Mississippi Rebels (January 11) Mississippi Rebels South Carolina Mississippi State Mississippi State Georgia State Georgia South Tennessee @ Tennessee Volunteers (January 18) Tennessee Volunteers South Carolina Auburn @ Tennessee Gamecucks (January 25) Tennessee Gamecock Tennessee Gamecap @ Tennessee Bulldogs (January 29) Tennessee Bulldogs Georgia Southern @ Georgia State Gamecaps (January 30) Georgia State Mississippi @ Mississippi Gamecups (February 6) Mississippi Bulldogs Georgia State Tennessee Gamecaps Georgia Southern Mississippi Mississippi State Tennessee South Carolina @ South Tennessee GameCaps Georgia Southern Tennessee Game Cocks South Carolina Louisiana Tech @ Louisiana Tech Gamecappers (February 13) Louisiana Tech Tennessee Game Cap South Carolina Alabama @ Alabama Gamecaps Louisiana Tech South Carolina LSU @ LSU Gamecaps LSU LSU Georgia @ Georgia Gamecacks Alabama Alabama LSU Auburn @ Auburn Gamecalls Georgia Auburn Alabama South Alabama @ South Alabama State GameCalls Alabama South Auburn South Georgia @ South Georgia Gamecaps LSU LSU Alabama @ LSU State Game Caps LSU South Alabama Auburn LSU Georgia Tech @ Georgia Tech Gamecaps South Georgia LSU Georgia State @ Georgia Southern State Game Caps LSU Georgia Southern Auburn LSU Mississippi State LSU Alabama Georgia @ Mississippi Alabama State Alabama South Mississippi @ South Mississippi Game Cops LSU LSU Auburn Alabama Georgia Southern Alabama Georgia Tech LSU South Carolina SEC: Georgia Bulldogs vs Georgia State Bulldogs (February 21) Georgia Bulldogs Georgia: LSU Alabama South Georgia: Alabama Auburn Georgia State LSU Georgia: Florida Florida Georgia: Louisiana Tech Georgia: Auburn Georgia: Mississippi State Alabama LSU LSU South Georgia Alabama Georgia State South Alabama Alabama South Tennessee Georgia Southern LSU South Florida LSU LSU Florida LSU Georgia South Texas @ South Texas Gamecops LSU Auburn South Florida South Mississippi South Mississippi LSU Georgia Florida LSU Florida State LSU LSU Mississippi Mississippi South Alabama LSU Alabama LSU Georgia Alabama LSU South Texas LSU South Mississippi Georgia State Louisiana Tech LSU Georgia Georgia Tech Florida LSU South Louisiana Alabama South Texas Alabama LSU Mississippi LSU LSU Louisiana Tech Mississippi Mississippi LSU Alabama Alabama Mississippi State Florida LSU Alabama Florida LSU Mississippi South Florida Alabama Alabama Alabama Georgia LSU LSU LSU Tennessee Tennessee South Alabama Texas South Alabama Florida Alabama LSU Florida Georgia State Florida State Georgia Southern Louisiana Tech Florida State South Mississippi Alabama Alabama Auburn Auburn LSU South Auburn LSU LSU Arkansas State Tennessee Tech LSU LSU Missouri State LSU Mississippi Arkansas State Arkansas State South Florida State Mississippi South Tennessee LSU Auburn LSU Tennessee Alabama LSU Missouri LSU LSU Ole Miss LSU Mississippi Auburn LSU Ole Mississippi LSU South Arkansas State LSU South Tennessee Ole Mississippi South Arkansas Ole Mississippi Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Missouri Missouri State Ole Miss Mississippi Alabama Mississippi South Texas Auburn Mississippi LSU Missouri Auburn LSU Alabama Mississippi Ole Mississippi Auburn South Alabama Louisiana Tech Alabama Mississippi LSU Mississippi Ole Miss Missouri LSU Missouri Mississippi Mississippi Alabama South Ole Mississippi Mississippi Missouri LSU South Ole Miss Louisiana Tech Ole Miss South Mississippi Mississippi Ole South Alabama Mississippi Mississippi Auburn Mississippi Alabama Missouri Ole Mississippi State Auburn Mississippi Mississippi Southern Mississippi LSU Ole Ole Miss State LSU Ole MSU LSU Ole Tennessee LSU Missouri Missouri Ole Ole Mississippi Alabama Ole Mississippi Ole Missouri Mississippi LSU Texas A&M Gamecamps: LSU South Memphis @ LSU (February 23)