How to dress for your job without the need to look like an ex-football star

The dress code for an office is usually simple: wear a short dress, button up and shoes.

But if you’re looking for something more elegant, a dress that can be worn casually and looks good without being too revealing, that’s where dress-up comes in.

Here are 10 dresses you can dress up for work without looking like an old football player.


A blazer dress The blazer is an essential piece of clothing for office workers.

In fact, the blazer, with its high-waisted sleeves and pockets, is a perfect way to wear a button-up shirt without looking too formal.

The same goes for dressy blazers for office jobs, like the one featured in this tutorial from Jodi Singer.2.

A dress shirt The dress shirt is a great way to go with a blazer.

It’s a great choice for casual office work because it has a wide collar and the sleeves are adjustable.

The only thing you have to do to add a bit of interest is to make sure your shirt has a high-neckline and a button at the front.

You can also make it more formal with a tie or a bow on the sleeve.3.

A long-sleeve dress dress Another option is a long-necked dress shirt.

It can be used to work with a short blazer or with a dress shirt in place of the blazier, and can also be worn with blaziers in place.4.

A skirt dress A skirt is a way to dress up a formal dress without looking as if you were wearing a skirt.

The skirt is traditionally worn for office work, and is usually made from a long, light fabric.

It has a slit on the side and a high neckline and sleeves that can fold back into the hem for a flattering silhouette.5.

A jacket dress The jacket is the most traditional way to work in an office.

With its wide collar, open waist, and wide sleeves, the jacket makes for an ideal way to look professional.

However, if you don’t have a jacket and want something that can complement your suit, a short-sleeved shirt can be the way to do it.6.

A tuxedo jacket A t-shirt or short-length dress coat can be a perfect alternative to the blaziess blazer because it can be folded in half for more space and still be worn without being a total statement.7.

A suit jacket A suit coat can complement a blazer or a blaziest blazer in a similar way.

The suit coat has a low collar and a narrow waist and sleeves.

However in this case, the collar is open so it can slide open.

The coat can also fold in half to make it easier to dress.8.

A formal suit jacket While the suit coat isn’t the most formal option, it can work as an elegant formal outfit if you choose to do so.

The jacket can be made from one piece of fabric that is made of a different material.

The fabric is called a “carpet” and it is cut at different angles to allow it to bend and expand.9.

A cocktail dress Dressresses can wear a cocktail dress as an option to a blizzard or a tropical holiday.

However if you are looking for a casual look, a cocktail is a more appropriate option.

This simple dress has a long neckline that can easily be draped around your neck, and it can easily open up at the waist to give you a more relaxed silhouette.10.

A tie dressThe tie dress is a classic way to put on a formal outfit without looking “fancy” or too formal at all.

This is especially true for office roles.

It is usually worn with a tux and can be rolled up into a bow for a more elegant look.11.

A wedding dressThe wedding dress is traditionally a dress for the bride to wear on her wedding day, but many wedding dress designers have recently started making it a more casual option.

Wedding dresses typically feature long sleeves, a low waist, a bow, and a veil.12.

A cardigan dressCardigans can be great for work or home, and you can also wear them with a skirt to complement a cocktail or a tie.

However the cardigan is a formal choice if you want to wear something that doesn’t look too formal or look too casual.13.

A slouch hatThe slouch hats are another classic office accessory.

It makes a great addition to a casual outfit or even a dress to complement your jacket.14.

A hoodie jacketThe hoodie is a very casual accessory that works well for work.

However it can also work for home or office if you can keep the hoodie on when you’re away from your desk.15.

A sweater sweater sweater is the perfect accessory for office wear, and the sweater sweater works great for a formal office setting.

However you