9 things you should know about a little darksider from Vegas

Vegas, NV – September 26, 2019 – While we were at it, here are a few things to know about the little dark as well as some of his recent exploits in the world of internet.1.

He’s a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise: When he was a little kid, he and his friends used to watch the movies with his dad.

“I used to get in the car and go and watch Star Wars and we would go through the first act and we’d say, ‘Oh yeah, I’d like to see that one,'” he said.

“We’ve done the second act and the third act, too.

So he’s been pretty into Star Wars since he was about 5 years old.”2.

He got the nickname ‘Darth Vader’ from his friends: After watching the original films, he became an expert at playing the iconic villain.

He said, “I’m the Darth Vader of YouTube.”3.

He had his own channel called ‘Davion’ which was mostly about playing video games.

It was basically his ‘Duelist’ but with a Darth Vader name.

“The video games he played were Battlefield, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft.

He was always playing Star Wars.

When I heard he was going to be in Vegas it was just amazing.”4.

He made the news for playing his own music in the movies: When his YouTube channel was shut down for copyright infringement, he started making music videos for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

He played “I Don’t Want To See You Again” on his video and said it got the attention of his fans and he had the opportunity to be on a video for The Force.

“It’s awesome that people have recognized me and recognized me,” he said of the video.

“Because when I’m on my own, I can make it work.

So it’s cool to see it work for someone like me.”5.

He has a new podcast coming out next week: He’s releasing a new episode called ‘The Little Darth Vader Show.’

It’s going to explore the history of the little star.

“This is one of my favorites.

He’ll go into the origins of his name, the backstory behind him, and his character and how he’s shaped us,” he shared.

“There are tons of things I can tell you about this little darth.

You can listen to it and find out more about it.”6.

His birthday is coming up: He has been in a bit of a coma, but he’s still getting better.

“He’s doing great,” his wife, Amy, said of his progress.

“But he’s getting better at it and it’s amazing to watch.

It’s just so awesome.”7.

He won’t be playing at his daughter’s house anymore: “I will not be playing for my daughter’s birthday, I will not play for my grandchild’s birthday.”

“I have to go back to work, I have to get a job, I need to be doing my job,” he told the audience.

“That’s my life.

That’s what I’ve got to focus on.”8.

His dad was actually a big fan of ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope’: When his father bought him Star Wars toys in the early ’90s, he was totally taken with the toy.

“My dad got me Darth Vader, a Luke Skywalker figure, and he was really into the ‘Star War’ movies and ‘The Force Awakens,'” he shared of the toys.

“Then when he found out I was doing ‘Davenport’ he just fell in love with me.

He would say to me, ‘Darling, we got a Luke.

He comes in the back.

He goes down in the garage.

He rides in the spaceship.'”9.

He started a ‘Davesubbing’ site: He created a site called ‘davesubdance’ to promote his YouTube videos.

“When people ask me what they should do next, it’s really hard for me to give you advice,” he revealed.

“So I’m just going to put together this site.

It will be a place where people can post videos from their Davenport days and see what I have done.

It’ll be a platform for people to do their Davesub videos and also post Davenports and do Davencastings.”10.

His parents were actually big Star Wars fans: “My parents are very into Star War,” he recalled.

“And they watched ‘The Clone Wars’ when I was younger and they watched it with their son.

And they liked it.

They thought it was awesome.

They said, ‘Hey, I think we should buy one.’

And my dad was like, ‘No way.

We’re not gonna do that.'”11.

He and his family have two children

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