Why we like the new Whiskey Darling boutique: “I think it’s the new thing”

Whisky Darling is the latest luxury boutique to come to Chicago.

Located in the historic Grand Theater at McCormick Place, the boutique is located in the heart of the neighborhood and is just steps from the city’s best dining, shopping and bars.

The brand’s new retail storefront, which opened on May 1, features a mix of vintage and contemporary boutiques, jewelry, clothing, accessories and more.

While the boutique’s décor will have you feeling like a chic princess at a fancy party, the décor itself will not be what you’re looking for, according to Brand New Chicago’s co-founder, Lauren Bechstein.

“We wanted to take the look and feel of the boutique and really create a place that was more casual and more relaxed,” she said.

“We wanted it to be more of a place to unwind and hang out with friends, and we also wanted it not to be like an upscale shopping mall.”

The boutique features a wide selection of tees, shirts, dresses, sweaters and more for sale.

They even have a little room to explore their collection in their home, with several different types of teas and teak-infused cocktails on hand.

While the décolletage may be minimalistic, the decor is designed to evoke the same vibe you would expect from a trendy boutique.

Bechsteins said the boutique has a “very laid-back feel.”

“We just wanted to create a space where people felt like they could just be themselves and not have to be too serious, and not put on a show for people who were expecting to be at an upscale restaurant,” she added.

The boutique will also feature a lounge area with a bar and an art gallery.

“This is a space for people to really just chill, and for people that want to explore and have a lot of fun,” Bechststein said.

In addition to the new boutique, the company also opened a retail store at the Merchandise Mart.

The space features items from both the brand’s online and brick-and-mortar stores.

“It’s really important to us that our stores and stores are all inclusive, so we’ve been talking about bringing some of the brands into the stores,” Beechstein said, adding that the store will feature a wide variety of brands and also have some merchandise from the brand.

“They have a variety of products, but we do want to really show off some of their brands in the store,” she continued.

“In this store, they’ve put a lot into it, so that really highlights the brand as well as the store.”

In addition, the brand is also launching a series of “cinematic shows” in the new retail space, with the brand working with the Chicago Film Commission to showcase the brand at a number of locations in the city.

The store will also be the home of a new video series titled “The Most Inspiring Things,” which will feature interviews with the founders of the brand and some of its current and former employees.

Beechststein told Chicagoist that the company is also partnering with a local theater group and will be filming in the Chicago theater district in the coming months.

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