How to spot a new oyster at the favourite oyster bars in Sydney

The best spots to pick up a new and tasty oyster are at the most popular oyster shops in Sydney.

Photo: Supplied There are also some hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered.

From the beach to the rooftop terrace, we’ve compiled a list of the best spots for a new orchard, oyster farm, seafood restaurant, wine bar and more.

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The Shallow End, Croydon #7: The Shabang, CrayfordThe Shabangs are an oyster shop in Croydons corner.


Shabeng, Central Coast #8: The Bistro, Central #8-9: The Prawn Bar, Central (also known as the Prawn Bistre) #9: the Bistrer, Western #9-10: the Bar, North Melbourne #10: The Fresh Bar, Cairns #10-11: the Oyster Bar, Melbourne #11: The Oyster Pub, Hobart #11-12: the Seafood Bistré, Melbourne(The Seafood Bar, also known as The Seafood Pub) #12: The Blue and Gold Bar, South Yarra #12-13: the Wine Bar, Swan Hill #13: The Soho Oyster House, Fitzroy #13-14: The Fishmonger, Brunswick(The Fishmongers Oyster Farm) #14: the Aussie Seafood, Gold Coast #14-15: The Shell Oyster, Goldfields #15: the The Great Oyster Shop, Golds Cross #15-16: The Big Oyster and Bar, Glenelg #16-17: The Bar and Grill, Gold Beach #17-18: The Beach Bar, Gold Hill #18-19: The Lobster and Fishmongery, Glen Waverley #19-20: The Red Bull Pub, North Brunswick #20-21: The Roxy Oyster Kitchen, Fitzwater #21: the Great Oysters Bar, St Kilda(The Great Oysters Oystered Bar and Kitchen) #22: the Royal Marine Oyster & Bar, Brunswick #22-23: the St Paul’s Oyster Company, St Vincent #23: The Crab and Beans, Cumbria #23-24: the Crayfish & Chips, Port Macquarie #24: The Cray Oyster Shack, Geelong #24-25: The Seafaring Bar, Dandenong #25: the Fresh and The Oysters, Gepps Cross #25-26: The St. Vincent, Gosford #26-27: The New Fishy Oyster Co, Goldfords Plains #27-28: The Fiery Oyster Café, Maribyrnong #28-29: The Grog and Grapes, Bendigo #29-30: The Little Oyster Parlour, Geany Bay #30: the Lobster & Chips Bar, Yarra Hills #30-31: The Tasty Oyster Bistra, Fitzrovia #31-32: The Sea and Sea Shell, Maroochydore #32-33: The Old Shell Oysters Oyster Restaurant, St Albans #33-34: The Chunky Bar, Bundaberg #34-35: The Sandwiches, Bendong #35-36: The Ocean Oyster Lounge, Bendigies Beach #36-37: The Cocktail Bar, Port Melbourne #37-38: The Golden Oyster Dessert Bar, West Perth #38-39: The Whisky Bar, Perth #39-40: The Hot Rod Bar, Bendie #40-41: The Rib Shack, Bendigirolo #41-42: The Great OYster Bar & Bar (also called The Great Seafood Restaurant), Bendigo#42-43: The The Seafoam Oyster Shoppe, Port Augusta #43-44: The Pub & Grille, Fitzillegarrah #44-45: The Bay, Westport #45-46: The Fisherman’s Paradise, Darlinghurst #46-47: The Rock and Oyster Pint, Port Arthur #47-48: The Reef, Darlingdale #48-49: The Black & Gold Oyster Brewery, Taree #49-50: The Yachts & Anchor, Cremorne Bay #50-51: The Royal Fish House, Fremantle #51-52: The Wine Bar and Seafood Cafe, Wodonga #52-53: The Craft and Seafoams Oyster Club, Wollongong #53-54: The Waterford Oyster Resort, Wooriwa #54-55: The Boathouse Oyster

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